Men XV 2016-2017 Conference 1 North

10 Octobre 2016

Men XV 2016-2017 Conference 1 North

After 2 undefeated European Championships in a row, 2D then 2C and following a reorganization at the European level, a new challenge starts this October for the Luxembourgish men XV rugby team.

Luxembourg will be playing the 2016-2017 season in the Conference 1 North. Their group includes 2 Baltic countries, Latvia and Lithuania, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Only one game will be played vs each team with the Conference winner playing a test match with the Conference 1 South winner for the right to play the last team of the Trophy division, with the last team going down one level to the Conference 2 division.

A more explicit graph can be found here:

The 2016-2017 schedule can be found here:


Trip to Latvia.

2nd October 2016

Latvia vs Luxembourg 22/10/2016

Rugby Roude Léiw will be represented in Latvia to support Men XV. Our beloved president, our amanuensis and 2 actives members will travel. More news when we come back!


Deplacement en Lettonie.

02 Octobre 2016

Lettonie vs Luxembourg 22/10/2016

Le Rugby Roude Léiw sera présent en Lettonie pour supporter les hommes à XV. Notre bien aimé président, notre secrétaire et  2 membres actifs seront du voyage. Plus de nouvelles à leur retour!




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